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Posted by Luciana on 25 December 2011 | Filed under Site stuff | Leave a Comment

This is my last post from 2011. I’m going to a very deserved vacations and I don’t think I’ll have access to internet to update AAF. But I would like to thank you for the support and for your visit during 2011, it was really a great time working on this site.

The site will be back to regular updates after January 08th, but Emanuelle is around to keep you update if anything new comes up. Thanks for your support this year. Have a great holidays and a fabulous 2012!

Posted by Luciana on 5 November 2011 | Filed under Site stuff | 3 Comments

After a long time (the previous layout was up for a whole year), we have a new look here. This design was supposed to be up to celebrate Neve’s birthday, but I wasn’t able to finish in time. The gallery also has a new look to match with the main theme.

If you find any error, please let me know.

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Dear visitors, this is just a quick note to alert you that our main domain will be offline for a week. It’s being expiring next September 16th and I have to wait a week to get it renewed.

Until that, you still can access us through the domain

Posted by Luciana on 19 April 2011 | Filed under Site stuff | 1 Comment

Finally some multimidia for you, guys!

There’s a new section up, the Icon Vault, with 100×100 icons for you to use in livejournal, message boards, etc. Thanks to my talented friend Jessica!
Enjoy the icons, please don’t hotlink, and if you want to contribute, please email us

Posted by Luciana on 10 April 2011 | Filed under Site stuff | 6 Comments

Today, April 10th, Neve Online is celebrating it’s 4th anniversary. I’m so proud we reach this mark, in the same week Scream 4 is coming to cinemas.
I would like to thank you, visitor, who keeps coming here to support the site even when there were nothing Neve related to be post on the site. I always had the most supportive and kind visitors, and I really appreciate it. I own a certain number of sites and I can tell for sure that Neve Campbell has one of the best fanbases of the celebrity world.

To start the celebration, we’re chosen Fansite of the Day by The Fan Carpet. Thanks so much!

I also promised to myself to bring something good for you today. But, history of my life, didn’t had time for it. Will keep updating you today with Scream 4 goodies, and you can come back tomorrow for all updates regarding the Scream 4 premiere. :D

Posted by Luciana on 5 December 2010 | Filed under Site stuff | 3 Comments

As you can see, we have a new layout up here. It was done by the amazing Flor a few weeks ago, but I’m in a REALLY busy mood with the holidays season and only today I was able to put it online.

There still a few tweaks for it looks perfect, but we’re almost done. I hope you like it. A matching gallery theme will be our next step.

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