Scream 4: New Neve Campbell interview footage,

September 29 • Posted by Luciana » Category: Movies, Videos » 2 comments

Last night, ET Canada featured an on-set segment with Neve Campbell. And while much of the footage was recycled from last week’s domestic exclusive, the interview portions were much more encompassing. The actress revealed that her initial reaction to the film was an adamant “No!” but that “I got to a place that I realized [...]

Alex Zane’s Guest List – Neve Campbell

December 15 • Posted by Luciana » Category: Gallery, Videos » 5 comments

Thanks to Jandrito for the heads up. Alex Zane has a show where celebrities talks to him about the films that have inspired them throughout their career. Neve did it recently, and you can watch the clipsm in our video archive. I also took some screencaptures, because she was extremely beauty! Interviews > Alex Zane’s [...]