» Neve, her brother Christian Campbell, and Matthew Lillard of "Scream" have formed the Blue Sphere Alliance Production Company at The Lex Theater in Hollywood. Christian is heading it and Neve only puts in the occasional appearance because of her busy schedule.

» Neve is a spokeswoman for the Tourette Syndrome Association (her younger brother Damian has the disease). Neve: "Tourette Syndrome means a lot to me because my younger brother suffers from it.
There’s a great lack of awareness about what Tourette Syndrome is. People don’t realize that despite having this condition, it is not necssarily debilitating. Tourette sufferers can and do lead very successful lives. It is a very complex condition, but people do cope with it amazingly well. Educating the public about Tourette Syndrome is very important to me." You can read more about Tourette
Syndrome here (TSA) or here (TSFC – also in french).

» Neve does not like scary movies! – She screams a lot when watching them and gets nightmares afterwards for weeks! – But she loves to make them!

» She believes in ghosts and she claims that her old house in Laurel Canyon was haunted. A woman was murdered in it around 1991 (before Neve bought it!) and Neve says that both she and other people visiting have seen a mystery woman that wasn’t supposed to be there.

» Neve was picked on in high school (Lorne Park Secondary School) and she had a low self esteem because of that. They even made a smear song about her, she claims.

» She uses yoga and meditation to keep her calm and to give her energy. She also likes reading about Buddhism and other paths to stability.

» Her three dogs are all shi-tzu’s. The oldest is named Buster and it has a slow heartbeat that makes him rather timid. The two others are named Bubba (used to be Christians dog) and Bluto.

» She loves to sing, dance, swim and go horseback riding, and she also enjoys rollerblading and listening to classical music.

» Dancing is still very important to her and she built a dance studio in the basement of her house so it is easier for her to find time to work on it. She also uses it to handle most of her problems or just to escape the busyness of her life.

» She is extremely ticklish especially under her right shoulder blade.

» She was nicknamed ‘Fog Horn’ y her co-stars on "Party of Five".

» She has a very dark sarchastic sense of humor that a lot of people find a bit offensive, and Neve often has to restrain herself in order to avoid offending too much or too many. She also has a lot of humor and laughs easily and often – with a cute, slightly horsey laugh.

» "Party of Five" was filmed 10 months a year, 14 hours a day, 6 days a week, which makes it very hard work. Most filming took place at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA.

» She has a hobby of making jewellery for herself. She’s also wearing some of her creations occasionally all though the various seasons of "Party of Five".

» She drives a ’97 Porsche 911 Carrera which is aventine green and has tan interior and it has a little dent right beside the left headlight.

» Neve’s right big toe is shorter than her left due to a 1999 bunionectomy to remove a bunion that came from her ballet dancing past.

» She hates to cook, but loves to invite people over to her home for barbecues. Her home also includes a large pool, perfect for summer relaxation. But she rarely sunbathes because she’s prone to freckles.

» Neve smokes… Marlboro Lights or American Spirits to be exact.

» To answer a question I’ve often been asked: No, I do not have any nude pictures of Neve because she’s never posed for any, so none exist! – In a recent interview she comments on stripping: "I think every woman has thought about stripping. I’ve thought about that. I wouldn’t do it, not in public anyway. What about that is interesting? I think for a woman the challenge is to… is almost in a sense how many can you attract? You find out where your sexual power is in that sense."

» What kind of student was Neve? "I was not a straight A student. Academically, I guess I am not as smart as Julia [Salinger]."

» Neve dropped out of school at age 15! "All of a sudden I’m 15, and the member of a fantastic [dance] company. So it didn’t make a lot of sense to say, ‘Oh, I’m not going to take Phantom of the Opera because I need to learn more about history."