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Dear visitors, this is just a quick note to alert you that our main domain will be offline for a week. It’s being expiring next September 16th and I have to wait a week to get it renewed.

Until that, you still can access us through the domain

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Neve is nominated as “Best Horror Actress” at Scream Awards and voting is now open. So go to the official page to vote for her! ;) Ps. You can vote everyday! #GoNeve

Spike TV’s SCREAM Awards 2011 will be taped on Saturday, October 15 at the Universal Lot in Los Angeles, CA. The two-hour event will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 18 (9:00–11:00 PM, ET/PT).

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Kevin Zegers, Chris Noth, Derek Jacobi and Neve Campbell are in various stages of negotiations to join the $28-million, 12-part British miniseries Titanic: Blood & Steel, which has begun filming in Belfast. Unlike Simon Vaughn’s internationally produced four-hour miniseries Titanic, which was picked up by ABC, Titanic: Blood & Steel doesn’t have U.S. distribution yet. It chronicles the building of the Titanic, beginning in Edwardian Belfast in the early 1900s and depicting how the greatest leviathan of all time was hand made in a city on the edge of revolution. Zegers, repped by ICM and Untitled, will play Mark Muir, the metallurgist on the world’s greatest shipbuilding project who discovers potentially fatal flaws in the quality of metal being used to build the Titanic. Noth is expected to play financier J.P. Morgan; Jacobi — Lord William Pirrie, chairman of the company that built the ill-fated liner, and Campbell — a reporter covering the liner’s maiden voyage. Directed by Ciaran Donnelly and written by Mark Skeet, Matthew Faulk and Alan Whiting, Titanic: Blood & Steel is produced by De Angelis Group, Take 5 Prods. and Epos Films.

Source: Deadline

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It’s 2010, smack in the middle of the financial crisis. He’s lost his job, got a piss-poor reference and no one in the office will talk to him. He’s up to his eyes in debt, he can’t quite bring himself to tell his beautiful high class wife (Neve Campbell), and now someone’s nicked his bloody watch. And it’s about to get worse…

The second feature from Footballer’s Wives actor Cristian Solimeno is a resolutely British slow burner, tea and biscuits and all.

Building gradually, maintaining a deliberately stately pace throughout, The Glass Man starts as low-key comedy drama gathering handfuls of tension but focusing more on atmosphere and downbeat dialogue than action or momentum.

Nyman as sad sack Pyrite, Campbell rocking a refreshing grown up role and sporting a half decent English accent, and Solimeno himself (in a supporting role as Pyrite’s successful movie star mate), all impress, bringing believability, nuance and sympathy to somewhat under explored characters; James Cosmo, as the unpredictable stranger who makes Pyrite a Faustian offer he can’t refuse brings a extra level of volatility and intrigue, leading to a smart, pleasing and unexpected third act reveal.

Entertaining, surprising, touching to a point, The Glass Man’s unnecessarily bloated length (103 mins), languorous pacing and repetitive nature, coupled with the simplicity (insubstantiality?) of the story itself lets it down.

This feels like TV. Great TV, mind – a perfect 60 minute BBC special, that the whole office would be talking about the next day.

It split audiences, it provoked discussion with the FF crowd and it’s well worth a watch, but could be one for DVD.

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Finally! I have added 640 screen captures of Neve part in Scre4m. Check it:

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Just found this video – the Neve’s latest comedy video for the Edinburgh Fringe. Marek Larwood interviews the Pleasance Theatre’s Ryan Taylor about securing a venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, after fledgling Edinburgh performer, Neve Campbell asks for advice. Check it out:

So funny! Love it!

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