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Neve attended last night the TAG Heuer British Formula 1 Drivers Party, in London. Totally beauty, with a new hairstyle (a little reddish), in a mini white dress. Enjoy the pictures!

TAG Heuer British Formula 1 Drivers Party – London – September 15

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Hallellujah! Since February, when Neve was at Natalie Inbruglia birthday party, we don’t see our muse attending a public event. She was last September 08 in a launch party of Buddha Bar, in London, and I was able to get 7 pictures of her. Amazing, beautiful!

Enjoy it!

Buddha Bar Launch Party, London, September 08

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Actress Neve Campbell loves cool dips on Hampstead Heath and walking her shih-tzu dogs

I love spending the weekend in London. The energy of the city changes when people have time off. Last year I married John [Light, the actor] and I’m enjoying the culture here. It’s something I missed when I was living in Los Angeles. Now we live in Islington and enjoy getting involved in each other’s interests.

One of my pet interests is my shih-tzu dogs. I have three and John loves them, too. They crave attention and can be jealous. As they are banned from the bedroom, there is not much chance of a lie-in on Saturdays. But it’s fun walking them, especially when people stop to admire them and say how sweet they are.

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I found some movie stills and a beautiful new photoshoot, and added it to the gallery. Unfortunally, it’s mq tagged (and I’m working to get them untagged, specially the photoshoot) but it’s better than nothing, right? You’ll find Party of Five, When I Will Be Loved, Last Call and Refeer Madness new promos.

If you have ANY of this new pictures untagged (in any quality!) let me know, please.

Also, our site now can be accessed by a new domain. I just buy, which is now a second way to access us.

Party of Five Promotional Stills *updated!
When I Will Be Loved promotional stills *updated!
Refeer Madness promotional stills
Last Call promotional stills *updated!
Photoshoot set 055

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Neve is on second round of 100 most sexy woman, for Vip Magazine. She’s competing against Karolina Kurkova. This round will close in August 29. To vote goes here, choose Neve and go.

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Just added some HQ pictures from 2003/2006 appearances. There’s too much to be inserted here, so you can follow the last uploads link.