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Started: April 01, 2007
Domain: Bought by my awesome hostess, Gertie, on May 17, 2007.
Tools: Photoshop for graphics, and Dreamweaver and Notepad for code.


What is Neve Online? Well, the answer is quite obvious, but here it is anyway. Neve Online is a comprehensive and up-to-date fansite dedicated to the multitalented actress Neve Campbell. The site strives to become your #1 source on anything and everything Neve, providing you with the latest news, lots of information, a HQ gallery and more…

Why a Neve Campbell fansite? First of all, Neve is such a inspirational woman and she deserves a quality and up-to-date information source. If you do a Google search, will be noticed that it’s trully hard to find some updated Neve content around the internet. And I’m a long-time Neve’s fan, so I decided to make this online tribute.

Why “Neve Online”? There isn’t really a specific story behind the name. Since every site we found on a celebrity it’s called “smething fan”, “something web”, somethins online”, I though “ONLINE” it will be the most suitable one.

Who owns Neve Online? Neve Online was founded by me, Luciana.

Do you have any contact with Neve? No. I’m not Neve and also I’m not ANY contact with her management or representatives. So, I can’t introduce you or make any contact with her.

Do you have some good pictures. Can I use it on my own website? It depends. If you want to use one picture, it’s fine. If you want to use one shoot, it’s fine. If you want to take hundred of pictures, please, don’t. Those pictures was collected under hard work, it was needed some time consuming, and some money, too. So, if you want to use a few pictures, leave a credit to us. If you want to make a new Neve website, and need pictures, please go look to another source. Thanks.

And if I want to use some image to do a layout or a wallpaper? A link back will be great, too. And if you want it, send me in your work (the banner, blend, wallpaper, etc) so I can show your work here, too, and make you a “free promotion”. Sounds good, huh?

Do you make some money with this site? Are you kidding me? I SPENT money with this site.
Just kidding. No, I don’t. This site is just for fun.

Can you please send me real signed photograph or poster? No, sorry. As I told before, I don’t have any contact with Neve’s management.

Has Neve ever been to this site?. Did you, Neve? :D
Not to my knowledge. It will be great, but, at least for this thime, she don’t.


Luciana – My name is Luciana, and I’m a 33 years old girl from São Paulo, Brazil. I’m married and have two kids: a 6 years old daughter and a 1 year baby boy. I love cinema and movies, and love make websites. Making a website is my way to show my love and support for the actor’s work, and it’s my favorite hobby.

Besides Neve, my favorite actresses are Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Winona Ryder, Piper Perabo, Sandra Bullock, Evangeline Lilly, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, and the brazilians Fernanda Montenegro, Claudia Abreu, Camila Morgado, Marilia Pêra.
My favorite actors are Keanu Reves, River Phoenix, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Ethan Hawke, Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Edward Norton, Tom Hanks, Gael García Bernal and the brazilians Rodrigo Santoro, Selton Mello, Bruno Garcia, Matheus Nachtergaele and Wagner Moura.
My favorite Neve’s movies are Scream trilogy (specially the first one), Three to Tango, Wild Things, The Craft, The Company…

You can check my others websites in my collective: Almost Unreal .